Regulations & Certification

Our CSR policy

We undertake to comply with the following charter and have it respected by our staff:


  • All our employees possess the administrative authorisations stipulated by the private security code
  • We respect social legislation and the provisions of the National Collective Agreement for Prevention and Safety/Security Companies
  • We undertake to ensure the health and safety of our officers by strictly respecting their working conditions
  • We implement a quality system focused on the satisfaction of our clients and the continuous improvement of our services
  • We undertake to implement a training plan enabling our employees to maintain their level of skills and prepare for changes in technology
  • We contribute to furthering the integration, social inclusion and respect for diversity promoted by our profession
  • Octopus Sécurité undertakes to develop a Code of Good Conduct within the profession and is involved with the USP (special
    police unit) to foster the professionalisation, high moral standards and development of our sector
  • Octopus Sécurité undertakes to comply with the “Private Security Professional Code of Ethics” and have it respected

Its CSR and Sustainable Development approach is based on an ISO 9001 certified organisation oriented toward client satisfaction.


In this respect it shares certain key principles, such as leadership and commitment, continuous improvement, the system approach and the risks and opportunities approach.


The policy and strategy are laid down by the General Management and the Quality Department, who assume executive responsibility for CSR.


The Quality Director relies on process managers in the functional departments, who implement the approach in their sections according to the relevant indicators, and contribute to reporting.


A management review, in which all our management quality system (MQS) process managers take part, meets twice a year to asses our CSR policy and MQS.


All our officers are familiar with the CSR-Quality culture and undergo individual courses as part of their continuous training.


On a voluntary basis, OCTOPUS has its CSR performance assessed annually by Ecovadis, a globally recognised independent body of specialist experts.



To guarantee a high quality service, Octopus Sécurité has been involved in a continuous improvement approach to quality and environmental protection for many years. In 2004, Octopus Sécurité was one of the first companies in its sector to obtain ISO 9001-2008 certification.