Security and prevention officer

Our security officers are trained to take action, in line with the laws and regulations applicable to our sector, to protect persons and property at the site where they are posted.
Depending on the specific requirements of each assignment, we deploy the appropriate resources to meet our clients’ requests as closely as possible:

Security / Patrolling

  • Reception and information
  • Relief and assistance to people
  • General site surveillance
  • Protection and alerts regarding accidents or exceptional events

Prévol security

  • Mainly designed for commercial establishments dealing with the public, the officer’s mission is to
    prevent theft and malicious acts.
  • To limit access to restricted areas, the officer controls the identity of visitors at a sensitive site and more
    generally prevents the introduction of prohibited or dangerous items at the entrances to public sites. Our
    screening officers are also trained to use electronic portals and other security devices such as molecular
    detection systems.

Mobile security

  • Designed for commercial establishments dealing with the public, the task here mainly involves setting
    up patrols.
  • Mobile security officers carry out their assignments on foot or using a vehicle (car, two-wheel vehicle or
    Segway) depending on the site configuration.
  • Thanks to the geolocation tools they are provided with, the action of mobile officers can be controlled
    and modified in real time to guarantee a flexible service for our clients.

Security at events

  • Reception and guidance for clients, VIP or authorities
  • Access control
  • Management of crowd movements and emergency situations
  • Surveillance and security of installations
  • First aid and emergency assistance