Remote surveillance

Octopus Sécurité’s Video-Surveillance infrastructure provides a wide range of services combining flexibility and efficient technology to provide optimum solutions for our clients’ requirements. The investments we have made over the years now make it possible to interface with all types of video surveillance solutions already present at clients’ sites. In addition, on top of conventional confirmation services, our cutting edge technology partnerships mean that we can offer innovative solutions to provide video patrol and video escort services during an intervention at a site, or continuous video surveillance at one or more sites. These different services can be combined or provided independently as a solution to a precise requirement.

Video confirmation

After the alarm has sounded and to identify any risk of aggression, fire or intrusion, our remote operators
connect to your video surveillance system and carry out a rigorous analysis of the cameras trained on the
suspicious zone. If an incident is confirmed; our remote operators immediately carry out the appropriate
instructions and call in the dedicated response teams.
Video confirmation is an effective addition to remote surveillance. It avoids the systematic dispatch of an
agent when the cause of the alarm is ambiguous, and thus enables you to gain in responsiveness.

Video patrols

If you wish to boost the security of your staff or site from time to time, or regularly, we can provide a video patrol service, where our teams examine the cameras of the client’s site according to a predefined patrol schedule (programmed, random or one-off patrols according to requirements).

  • The security of your site is boosted
  • Patrol schedule drawn up in advance
  • Report issued systematically at the end of each patrol


Video escorts

Via video link, we can also monitor and accompany people wishing for or requiring an escort during an
intervention at a site.


  • Ensuring the safety of an employee or service provider at a sensitive site outside opening hours.
  • Assistance in zones at risk
  • An efficient way of controlling outings so that an alert can be given if need be


Video detection

Our teams of experts can help you optimise and develop your video infrastructure in an efficient detection
system. We work with several technology partners that can provide solutions to fit your requirements
and budget.