Strategy and innovation

Octopus Sécurité and its managers are convinced that in the next five years, safety and security will
undergo major changes. With this in mind, we have decided to anticipate these developments by investing
in several areas enabling us to build up innovative offers for our clients. Our development and innovation
department is a real watchdog tool, constantly seeking out upgradable technical solutions.

Connected security

onboard cameras and other communication aids for agent’s connected uniforms.

Artificial intelligence

Remote surveillance and automated presence detection service

Cyber security

At a time when we spend nearly 50% of our lives in cyberspace on social media, the security of the digital aspect of our lives has become as important as in the physical world

Surveillance drones

To boost our efficiency ans means, adding further to the arsenal available to our client

Site protection

obstacles, detectors, biometric devices, screening devices ans more..

We have built up a network of technology partners offering the best solutions in the market, to help us
roll out these ground-breaking solutions